Manager Meet Up 2021

GitHub is a global software development platform, acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Employees are proud to be ‘Hubbers’ and culture is key. The global Manager group comes together twice a year with the objective of growing as individuals and being strengthened as a team.

“The energy and empathy you bring to every project we’ve worked on has made me a better leader, collaborator and partner.” – Jenna Ballestrino Sr Director Talent Development, GitHub

The Opportunity

Joining together in May 2021 amidst the backdrop of an the ongoing global pandemic, this digital learning experience aimed to:

  • Encourage deep integration of newly established leadership frameworks.
  • Align leadership aspirations and activities around GitHub’s vision for the future.
  • Enhance global and inclusive thinking.
  • Create opportunities for leaders to connect with their peers in meaningful exchange.

The Approach

In consultation with key executive stakeholders, Nosworthy Group architected and delivered a creative and provocative digital learning event, built on:

  • Dual broadcasts over three days (US centric timezone & Asia + EMEA).
  • Creative theming chosen to inspire and connect GitHub’s global team of coders and engineering leaders (1980’s video arcade).
  • Cutting edge technology for seamless, interactive & dynamic broadcasts.
  • Thoughtful learning deep-dives and robust peer-to-peer learning sessions.

Architected and anchored by Nosworthy Group’s Founder Phill Nosworthy, MMU featured session contributions from more than a dozen Hubbers, and keynotes from:

  • New York Times Best Selling Author and renowned Psychotherapist Esther Perel.
  • Thinkers 50 lauded, and NYT Best Selling Author Erin Meyer.
  • GitHub CEO Nat Friedman.

Event themes of trust, psychological safety, autonomy, responsibility and empathy were explored in thoughtful learning deep-dives, and robust peer-led guided breakout sessions.

The Outcome

The goal of MMU was to bring managers together to connect, reflect and learn - to feel inspired and energized, refreshed and ready to move forward.

MMU was designed to focus on content and themes that both met the community members where they were – trust, safety, candour, competence, courage, consistency, communication – and acted as an open challenge to recommit to the high standard they’ve set.

Partner led evaluations showed MMU21 to be one of GitHub’s strongest events ever.

Participant leaders gave the event a cumulative NSAT Score of 145, with 9 out of 10 managers giving the event the highest rating for event satisfaction permitted by the evaluation tool.

“Breakouts had a lot of energy, great tasks and it was nice to connect with fellow managers across the globe!” - Hubber Leader
“I enjoyed hearing from Hubber leaders throughout the company. It made it real to see leaders across the organisation share real life examples to take and put in practice! - Hubber Leader
“I think for doing this over Zoom, it doesn’t get much better than this.” - Hubber Leader

More testimonials

It’s been months since the MMU event and people are still talking about it. People say it is by far the best virtual event they’ve ever experienced.
The communication across our teams, clarity of roles and the excellent project management of Nosworthy Group was what made this such an incredible event.
The collaborative nature of the design was something I truly loved. It was so fun to build together with your team as the lead.  The energy and empathy you bring to every project we’ve worked on has made me a better leader, collaborator and partner.
The creativity and professionalism of your team is stellar. Your team knows how to create a dynamic and engaging experience. I’ve not seen any other company come close to it.  
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, learn from you, and create an experience where managers have applied their learnings."
Jenna Ballestrino - Sr Director Talent Development, GitHub