Influence Unplugged

At Microsoft, skill and competence are a given, as is the drive to change the world. But success and impact are not games of skill and competence alone. What’s needed is influence; the capability to empower and engage others from a place of service.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Nosworthy Group co-created and directed Influence Unplugged, a rolling month-long development immersion that equips high performers to wildly enhance their influence. Delivered to hundreds of participants in separate cohorts, this experience is the highest-scoring program in Microsoft’s sales and marketing teams’ history.

What we delivered

  • Month-long immersion as micro learning experiences
  • A weekly theme with short videos, self-reflection prompts and live group sessions
  • Content architecture and design
  • Creative and broadcast production
  • Tailored learning resources and comprehensive research packets
  • Rigorous program evaluation

“Best class I have taken at Microsoft (by far) after 18 years at the company.” - a January 2023 participant

Our approach

Themes of influence

We begin with self-awareness, before building on with other essential and pragmatic themes of influence: building relationships, self-compassion, emotional agility, curiosity and intellectual humility.

Self-paced online learning

At the start of each week, participants receive short 5 minute-videos and self-reflection prompts. 

Conversation and collaboration

At the end of each week, participants join a live group session to reflect on learnings, dive deeper into key concepts and share ideas and insights.

Continuous learning

Participants are also given an in-depth Research Packet to support their continuous learning beyond the immersion.

“I have so much appreciation for the team and effort that went into running this wonderful event. It was professional, engaging and thought-provoking!” - Participant, EMEA

The outcomes

  • 286 participants
  • 94% positive sentiment: the relevance of content to work
  • 93% positive sentiment: feeling empowered to apply principles
  • 95% positive sentiment: the course being a valuable use of time

“One of the best courses I have attended! A great amount of knowledge, a real sense of development and possibility for growth.” -  a January 2023 participant