Leadership Off-Site & Summit

In 20 years, Xbox has gone from a significant player in the gaming industry to a huge presence in pop culture worldwide. Xbox means much more than gaming, synonymous with innovation, entertainment, community and technological advancement.

Nosworthy Group designed and co-delivered Xbox’s Leadership Off-Site, a 2-session digital experience, as well as the subsequent in-person First Party Leadership Summit

Core pillars of our experience design were conversation and connection. The intention was to create a space where Xbox’s leaders could explore inspiring concepts and share perspectives without worrying about “saying the wrong thing”—to lay the groundwork together for new growth.

What we delivered

  • Digital off-site experience
  • In-person summit in New York
  • Thought leadership oversight
  • Globally recognized contributors
  • Comprehensive pre-production
  • Tailored learning resources and in-depth Research Packet
  • Program evaluation 

Our approach

  1. Themes of leadership: We focused on effective personal leadership and leading through ambiguity and change.
  2. Immersive and interactive experience: Co-delivered over 2 weeks, this was a mix of keynotes, breakout sessions, self-reflection activities, group activities and open Q&A. 
  • “What would it take to do our best work?” Creativity was the core construct with supporting notions of Curiosity, Connectedness and Courage. 
  • Fresh learning experiences: We explored these in 5 inspiring learning sprints, enriched by interactive and self-reflection activities and robust learning resources. 
  • Globally recognised contributors: Four thought leaders, each offering deep insights on Curiosity, Connectedness and Courage—were engaged to pre-record simple yet sharp provocations.
  • Powerful and pragmatic: The Summit concluded with next-steps to take learnings outwards to teams.